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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team:

Miss A. Walker

Head of School


Teaching Staff:

Miss K Whitmore



Reception Class Teacher



Mrs C. James



Year 1 Class Teacher


Mrs C. Tyers



Year 2 Class Teacher


Mr M. Cutler



Year 3 Class Teacher


Miss L. Williams

Year 4 Class Teacher


Mr J. O’Connell / Miss S Morix

Year 5 Class Teacher


Mrs K Spendlove


Miss S Morix

Year 6 Class Teacher

KS2 Trust Lead

PPA Cover


Miss C. Hannah

Reception Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Cornwall

Reception/ Year 4 SEND Teaching Assistant


Mrs L. Yearsley

Year 1 Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Northover



Mr C Scantlebury

Year 1 SEND Teaching Assistant


Forest School Leader

Breakfast Club


Year 2 Class Teaching Assistant


Mr M. Wills

Year 3 Class Teaching Assistant


Miss P. Payne

Year 4 Class Teaching Assistant


Mrs L. Calderwood

Year 5 SEND Teaching Assistant


Mrs M. Blythe

Year 6 Class Teaching Assistant (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Miss D. Hall Apprentice Teaching Assistant 


Pastoral Support:

Mrs C. Ainsbury



Education Welfare Officer

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs C Greenlee



Mrs J Crompton

Community Family Worker

Breakfast Club

School Council

Learning Mentor



Computing Trust Lead




Pre-School Staff

Miss K Whitmore                                         



Miss B. Barnard

Deputy Pre-School Manager

Key Person Green & Purple Groups


Key Person Red & Orange Groups


Mrs R Millan



Mrs K Morris



Key Person Blue & Yellow Groups (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)


Pre-School Trust Lead Blue & Yellow Groups Thursday & Friday



Admin & Site Staff

Mrs H. Smith

School Secretary

Mr T. Miles

Site Manager

Mrs A. Cook

Relief Caretaker

Midday Supervisor

Mrs P. Payne

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs K. Blick

Midday Supervisor

Mrs L. Bullock-Hoskins

Midday Supervisor

Ms C. Barnes


Mrs D Barnes


Mr J. Smith Cleaner