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Pupil Premium

Guidance on Priorities for spending of Pupil Premium at Moat Primary in 2016-2017

At Moat Primary School, all members of staff and governors accept responsibility for ‘socially disadvantaged’ pupils and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs, within a caring environment.


 Research shows that pupils from deprived backgrounds underachieve compared to their non‐deprived peers and we are committed to exploring every possible strategy for “closing the gap.”  We will never equate disadvantage with low ability or accept that lower attainment is acceptable for our children.


As with every child in our care, a child who is considered to be ‘socially disadvantaged’ is valued, respected and entitled to develop to his/her full potential, irrespective of disadvantage.


 In the current year we have received  £1,320 per pupil and as we had 95 such children in January 2015, when the premium was calculated, we have received £121,400. 


Read the documents below entitled "Moat Closing the Gap Strategy" to find details about:

  • Our overall strategy for improving attainment in the school  through the effective use of this funding
  • Our expenditure plans for this year
  • How we will monitor and evaluate these expenditure plans

The next review of the school's pupil premium strategy will be undertaken in September 2017 but governors will monitor the outcomes for children at regular intervals through the  year.